An inside look at Defiance

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  • midgamidga "There's so much hot dog in Rome" ~digi (> ^.(> O_o)>
    I wasn't particularly interested in this, but then you mentioned it's a skill-based shooter. Now I am intrigued, but it's extremely doubtful I'll watch the show as it's airing, so this'll still probably be a pass. Thanks for the write-up :D
  • lmorchardLes Orchard {web,mad,computer} scientist Detroit, MI
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    I'm about 20 hours into this, having gone into it along my usual game addiction binge curve. So far, it's pretty fun, albeit repetitive.

    Think Borderlands: the MMO (minus the cel shading, and most of the funny), crossed with Fallout, and a smidge of Rift. Lots of guns, loot, and mods. Lots of pouncy nasty bug things to kill, psycho mutants, and borgy/cybermeny miners that want to convert you. And it's pretty fun to try out different weapons to make them go splat.

    Story-wise, it's meh, but I like the world-building so far. And, from what I've read, this is meant to be the calm before the TV debut storm wherein regular story and DLC updates will roll out. So, I'm looking forward to that because I have a very, very high crap tolerance for scifi TV. .

    But, the first season is over on July 1st, after 13 episodes. And, knowing SyFy, the show won't be back until like Spring 2015, if ever.

    What happens to the game in the interim when it doesn't have the TV show to back it up? Does it turn into "That one MMO that had a TV show we never saw again?"

    But, meh, I bought it. I'm rooting for it. It's pretty fun.
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