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Icrontic change: ads and comparison shopping.

primesuspectprimesuspect HumanGarbageDisposalDetroit, MI Icrontian
edited Aug 2008 in Icrontic
Hello everyone.

You may have noticed that we've slowly making changes around your beloved Icrontic lately. I wanted to let you know about our next big change. We recently signed on with PriceGrabber to provide comparison shopping as a convenience and service for our members. If you're not familiar with PriceGrabber, it's a great service that allows you to look for the lowest price for a specific product. For example, if you know you want an Intel Q6600 Retail, you can use our PriceGrabber page to find the best price for it online. We'll be providing comparison shopping for most technology items as well as media (games, books, movies, music) and digital photography gear. You'll probably start seeing links to our PriceGrabber page any time a product recommendation is made. For example, if you ask "What's the best value for video cards right now?" and somebody says "The Voodoo 3 is the best card out there", you'll see a link to find the best price on the Voodoo 3.

On a side note, the Voodoo 3 is not the best card out there right now. Just sayin'.

We also recently signed on with a new ad provider. Youl'l be seeing different ads, probably less Google and more "traditional" banner ads. Please understand that advertising is our sole business model, we are a traditional web media outlet and this is how we make our living. We would appreciate it if you didn't adblock our site. The ads are relevant to technology consumers.

We've put a lot of thought into these changes, and are excited about moving forward to make IC even better. Cheers!

-Brian & Matt


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