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Icrontic Race/Class/Trade skill/Role Thread

SpencerForHireSpencerForHire Clawson, MI
edited Nov 2010 in Gaming
Race/Class wrote:
Spencer: Draenei Mage (Ranged DPS)
Steve: Worgen Rogue (Melee DPS)
Andrew: ? Hunter (Ranged DPS)
Eddie: ? Rogue or Mage (DPS)
Charshie: ? Warrior or Rogue (Melee DPS)
Sam: Draenei Shaman (Ranged DPS)

Eli: ? Priest (Resto)
Anne: ? Paladin (Resto)
Jimmy: ? Druid (Resto/Melee DPS)
Katie: Shaman (Resto)

Dan: Human Paladin (Tank)
Greg: Dwarf Pally or DK (Tank/DPS)
Ryan: ? Druid (Tank)

Scott: ? Druid or Warlock (?)

Sarah: ?

Currently Needed the most: Melee DPS. Outside of that we need hybrids to guess what role they may be playing so we can decide how we are doing exactly on tanks and healers.
Spencer: Tailoring / Enchanting
Steve: Skinning / Leatherworking
Dan: Skinning / Mining
Andrew: Herbalist/Inscriptionist
Greg: Engineering / ?
Katie: Herbalist/Alchemist

Any changes or updates should now be replied below and I will update as needed. Use this thread as your reference for any decisions you plan to make. Keep in mind you are not bound to these decisions and the end choice should be based on what you will have the most fun doing!


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