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About Icrontic

Icrontic has been on the web since 2000, reporting on technology, gaming, and internet culture in our own unique, classy way. With a fascinating history and a stellar staff of reporters, we curate the very best in today’s news while helping to show readers how technology and gaming affect their daily lives.

We cover PC hardware, gaming, and the tech industry in general, but lots of sites do that. What’s different here is the people. If you think all Internet conversation is rude and stupid, you don’t know Icrontic. While the term “community” is casually thrown around by bloggers and “Web 2.0” folks, here it actually means something.

Icrontic is a huge, but close-knit group of friends who welcome newcomers. No, not “Internet friends.” We’re “fly across the country to Icrontic HQ for the weekend” friends. We help each other with tech problems, play games together, share our lives, cheer each other on, and support each other when life goes sour.

One of the things we hear most frequently from new members is “Why couldn’t I have found this place years ago?” Some of us have been lucky enough to have been here for most of the ride, and what a strange and fun journey it’s been.

Yeah, we’re a bunch of geeks. We love analyzing tech trends, publishing technical guides, and reviewing hardware and games. But if all you’re doing is reading the RSS feed, you’re totally missing out on what makes this place awesome. We’re Living the Icrontic Life.

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Icrontic is owned and curated by Brian Ambrozy (the Editor-in-Chief) and Matt Lincoln Russell (the Developer). Our content team consists of several dedicated and amazing writers. Our community staff comprises a long list of people who’ve dedicated hundreds of hours of work for the betterment of Icrontic.

  • Press releases: news [at] icrontic.com
  • Advertising/Sponsorship: http://icrontic.com/sponsor
  • Everything else: editor [at] icrontic.com
  • Phone Icrontic HQ: 586-275-7745 (US)


Icrontic is running on WordPress and Vanilla Forums with a custom set of plugins (Glue) to integrate them. We’re hosted in Michigan on Liquid Web’s Storm on Demand cloud on a virtual server named keith since 2010. We previously ran on dual AMD Opteron 850s in a server named mortin since 2005. Before that, it was a Poweredge 350 named bart from 2003, and we started as spare parts in Mortin’s closet.

Hey, thanks for stopping in. We hope you stay and say hello.