Metal Gear Solid 5: Tips and Strategy

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MGS5 has been out a few weeks now, and in that time I have found some useful tips, tricks and strategy, and I would like all of the other Icrontic members who play to have place to share their information as well. There are some VERY mild spoilers in this that just can not be avoided when discussing some of the best practices of the game.

Take your time with this game. They more you scout out, mark enemies and plan, the better. Marked enemies are not only easier to avoid, they are easier to take out. After you mark a bad guy, let him run his route a few times. I typically focus on one enemy and use the iDroid to place markers on his patrol route. Then I can time my moves with his and other bad guy patrols to make my sneaking around less haphazard. Sometimes this means I deploy at 0600, watch movements of patrols, trucks and gunships, use the phantom cigar and recon again at night. Day and night cycles vary the patrol numbers and sometimes patterns.

Entrance and Exit
Planing a way into a base or outpost is easy. Planning a way to extract to an LZ (landing zone) with a prisoner on your back is not so easy. I normally take the extra time to plan out how to exit an area before I even start to work on that missions objectives. You can place markers with your iDriod to make sure you stick to the plan.

Fulton Everything
Seriously. I spend most of my time taking down outposts and checkpoints, tranquilizing everyone and Fulton extracting them. I also extract weapons, jeeps, trucks, wildlife and anything else that I can attach those crazy balloons to. Everything has value.

I highly suggest working on your R&D, Intel and Support systems (platforms and personnel) before all the other stuff. Only develop the weapons and tools you use. The rest can be done when you have a surplus of GMP (the in game currency). If you choose to research everything at once all the time, you may run out of GMP pretty quick and lack the funds to deploy or receive support drops when you need them in the field.

Go there from time to time. You'll raise troop morale and might send that unit to the next level. You can fast travel with the cardboard box. Equip the box and stand on one of the yellow delivery points. Long press E or the appropriate controller button and your iDroid will prompt you to select a point to travel to. This also works out in the world, but you'll have to find all the delivery points and collect all the shipping labels from them. Motherbase also has portable showers. Taking a shower removes any blood on Snake's clothing and get rid of the smell of week long stints on missions. If you go too long with out a shower, enemies may smell you and go into alert status. I have read that going prone in a stream has the same effect, but I have never been able to get that to work. There are also items hidden all around the base. I'll let you figure that out.

Cardboard Box
The cardboard box is amazing. You can do so much with it. Get it. Learn to use it. It's awesome. It's almost like cheating. Incredible.

I don't use my buddy to their full potential. D-Horse moves you from A-B rather quick and has some other uses (Do-it) command. D-Dog is probably my most used buddy. D-Dog can stiff out plants, weapons and enemies as well as kill and stun provided he has the correct gear. I haven't had a lot of use for Quiet or D-Walker yet.

That's a decent start. The more I play the more defined my play style becomes. I usually lean to the stealth and sneaky side of the game, but I'm not afraid to put a few rounds in guys when I have to.


  • @Sonorous said:
    Cardboard Box
    The cardboard box is amazing. You can do so much with it. Get it. Learn to use it. It's awesome. It's almost like cheating. Incredible.

    Cardboard Box has such a huge place in my heart. I spent so much time with one of my childhood friends goofing around in MGS1 with the cardboard box. If they ever take Cardboard Box out of MGS games, it will be a sad, sad day.

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    Metal Gear Solid Online Tokyo Game Show Demo

    Looks like a mix of MGS and Starwars Battlefront to me.

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    Quiet is pretty cool once you get her a non lethal sniper rifle. She is a bit of a loose cannon at times but as your bond level increases you get more commands for her. It is nice that once the enemy is alerted, she just goes to town and takes down everything. That includes high ranking soldiers you may have wanted to extract back to Mother Base to level up your teams, so be careful with her or get a tranq rifle for her. D-Dog is still probably the best buddy for stealth play though.

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    Anyone else love the emblem creator for being mostly pointless but often hilarious? Some of my favorites from other people.

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    My current emblem.

    It's the worst kind of emergency.

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    @Canti said:
    My current emblem.

    It's the worst kind of emergency.

    I disagree...TP that's the worst

  • How is it that I didn't realize this was released on PS3 until this past weekend? I could have been sneaking with doge ALL THIS TIME. I'm fucking slipping in my old age.

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