Raid Summary 09/13 - 09/14 2015

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian
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Way to come back with a vengeance, IC!

After taking a week off of raiding for the holiday, Icrontic came back strong; we downed our first heroic HFC boss (Hellfire Assault), and two new progression bosses as well (Tyrant Velhari and Mannoroth). We are now 12/13N HFC and 1/13H HFC; not bad for the Little Guild That Could :)

We've had a lot of people really step up to get us where we are; very special thanks to our raid leader @Myrmidon for guiding us through these successes, @Sazbean for recruiting deeply from her friend pool to help us shore up our raid numbers, old friends @Celsh and @Mikquattro for coming back to help out their little ol' social guild with progression content, @aalonz for his absolutely ridiculous DPS numbers, @DocFrazier for spending his week off learning and gearing for a dual spec so we have another healer to lean on, and all of our new members who have server transferred or rolled new toons on our server, levelled, and geared up to help get us back to a full guild group. You all rock!

Onward! It seems pretty clear that we'll finally be toppling Archimonde and thwarting Gul'Dan's plan for Draenor soon. Congrats again, IC! Also don't forget to pre-pot.



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