Reddit discussion: WoD has the most complex raids in WoW history.

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@Myrmidon and I were just discussing this last night: WoD raids are super complex.



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    Mechanics bloat is real.

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    I didn't actually get to "srs bsns" raiding till late MoP with you all. Heroic dungeons and an occasional PUG invite were the highest I ever got to before that. Also I didn't get to raid the beginning of WoD. I finally caught up to you all when you were almost done with BRF. So I don't really think I can contribute much to this.

    I'm gonna try though.

    I think the big thing is, like how many people pointed out in that reddit thread, that the game sort of evolves each expansion, so it's really hard and maybe even pointless to compare raids from different expansions. More tools are developed by the game community and the developers allowing for new mechanics and new understandings of mechanics.

    So there are a lot more mechanics, but more ways to deal with them effectively. If more mechanics means more complexity then yeah WoD as a whole probably is the top of that currently.

    What I'm more curious of is how they'll go about it in the future. More mechanic complexity, where the difficulty is making sure the many cogs are running right? Lower complexity with less room for error, where one slight slip-up = wipe?

    I'd personally like the fights to be more "open". As in there are multiple strategies to killing the boss. One possible strat and it's variants are more efficient then other but are more likely to fail if something goes wrong. Another strategy set is safer but takes longer and doesn't provide as much high and low points as the former. Then there is another set that changes the fight up completely. A rollercoaster, a train, and an airplane respectively so to speak.
    Something akin to Ulduar's Hard Modes. Course I know nothing of balancing this kind of game and how much effort would be needed to get a boss fight like that down right for release.

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