Quick ways to get more gold weekly for your toons

EnslayvedEnslayved Member
edited October 2015 in World of Warcraft

old instances like shadowfang keep The Deadmines The Stockade Gnomeregan Uldaman Wailing Caverns a lot of old 5 man vanilla 5 mans .The reason is twink gear and transmog gear still sells on all servers you still have one chest in sfk that goes for 140 k or more and tons from all these 5 mans .Another thing is u can do them quickly step back out and reset and go back in quickly for them .Another thing you can do each week is all cata raids you useually make 5 k or more on vendoring trash items and then you still have boes cloth and other items to sell at ah you do that 4 times a month thats 20 k gold.here a post from bliz watch for everyone . http://blizzardwatch.com/2015/05/24/shifting-perspectives-soloing-cataclysm-raids-6000g-week/

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