Taskbar including start menu, cortana and action center stopped working

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OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10565 (any way to revert without having to wipe the whole system?)

I didn't notice when it started, but I think it was 2-3 days ago. I click on the Start menu icon and nothing. Can't launch Cortana's search bar. Action center/notification button doesn't work. The notification icon has another icon over it denoting that quiet mode is enabled. I can't seem to disable it. Any ideas how to fix this?

Curious note: When I rebooted the WiFi seemed to have a problem with connecting and while there was no connection the taskbar worked just fine and the notification icon didn't have the quiet mode icon. As soon as I disconnected and connected the WiFi adapter and got it working my screen flashed a few times and the problem came back.

Another note: If I create another account the taskbar works just fine. The thing is that I lose all of my programs' settings.

Thanks for the help.


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    10565 did this to me also. Had no choice but to reformat. But you should Google how to reinstall Metro apps with Powershell and give that a try. If that fails, you're basically off to reformat land.

    Recommend not stripping any of the so-called "privacy concerns" next go around through tools, guides, etc. Just leave win 10 alone. If you've done any of that on your current install, it's often responsible for failed windows updates, broken start menus, insider builds failing to apply, etc.

  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
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    I'll try reinstalling Metro apps first. If that fails I'll have to reformat and dust off my Acronis True Image license in case this happens again. Thanks for the help.

    Edit: I didn't do any of those privacy concerns things.

    Edit 2: Tried reinstalling Metro apps to no avail. Will have to format.

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