DSLR but maybe not?

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I have a "nice" point and shoot camera. I've wanted a DSLR so that I can take non-blurry photos of Martin for a while, but have never really looked into it. Now with Europe coming up I think I want to spend a little of my startup allowance on a better camera. Not committed to a DSLR, anything that would take non-blurry toddler shots and decent landscape shots would be fantastic. I'm no photo-pro, never even took a class, so don't go too fancy on me. I also would like it to be light enough to stick in my (albiet large) purse without causing my shoulder to dislocate. I'm not one to carry a seperate camera purse.

Current camera: Fujifilm FinePix A800. https://www.fujifilmusa.com/shared/bin/A610_A800OwnersManual.pdf


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  • BetsyDBetsyD Cincinnati, OH Icrontian

    Not too expensive, if I get up to ~$600 that's probably high.

  • I'd check out the Sony rx100. My favoritest point and shoot ever. Near dslr quality for the amature photographer without the cost and size. I get lots of non blurry shots of my rapid moving 1 year old.

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    Do you have an iPhone?

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    no apple products in this house!

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    Oh well. There's a really awesome product called the DxO One that basically empowers iPhones and turns them into badass point-and-shoots.

    Ninja's suggestion of Sony point-and-shoot is spot-on. They make the best.

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    rx100 is excellent.

    I'd say a DSLR usually doesn't fit into the "stick into purse" group. (though you can get a purse that is nice for things liek that as well...) http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?atclk=Brand_Kelly+Moore+Bag&catName=camera-bags-for-women&ci=21202&N=4025915052+4193176124

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    Canon keeps doing great deals on their refubs. They have the SL1 down to $299 with lense.

    Decent small DSLR and it shoots video too.

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    I would suggest going to a shop and spend some time with the following 3. Then you can see which fits you best as all 3 are close with some differences between them. All are 1" sensor which is the best short of a full 35mm sensor and the best for your price point. All have great lenses and shoot hi Def video. Also get the sales person to go over the differences and features. The Sony is also available in 2 higher versions as well, a III and a IV in addition to the one linked.

    Sony RX 100

    Canon G7X
    (Also available without WiFi for $100 less.)

    Panasonic LX100

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    For PnS, I actually went with a Lumix DMC-TS25. It was cheap at the time ($130), is a rugged camera, and VERY portable. I actually bring it along sometimes when using the big camera, just because it can fill a gap.

    For DSLR, I would highly recommend going to a camera shop and trying out the starter DSLRs and just seeing what feels right. Some shops also offer rentals so you can take a rig out to test, or for an event. In the past I've found the Canons more user friendly, but the Nikons a bit more feature-rich, but I honestly haven't shopped current kit in years and years.

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