SIS launches new chipset for the P4

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SiS steps up the pressure on its competitors by launching the first intergrated chipset which allegedly can support an Intel P4 running with a resulting 800mhz front side bus. Its release at this time however is slightly moot considering SIS don't actually plan to ship the parts fully until the end of the summer. That will give the afore mentioned competitors plenty of time to get their equivalent chipsets out before hand.

SiS' chipset provides single-channel 400MHz DDR SDRAM support. It also offers an AGP 8x graphics card bus, over which its DirectX 9-compatible graphics core operates. The graphics core contains two pixel rendering pipelines and can apply four textures per cycle. LCD resolutions of up to 1600x1200 are supported, but CRTs can be supported at up to 2048x1536. The chipset provides TV-out, and dual-screen output.

The full report:


  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    "single channel" aka bottlenecks. It wont perform worth crap esp in memory demanding tasks.
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