New Car Arrived!

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It has been a longtime since I have formally posted a new topic within these halls of honor. I sat back and was thinking what on earth do I have to talk about as of late as PC's are one year ahead of me these days, and I have fallen into the trap of cars and kids. The big CK combo!~

I know some of you folk are gear heads, I have always been one without the budget to support my wants as I spent that cash on silly things like GPU's and water cooling or date nights (Okay 100% worth it) and paying to fix my old cars. But I finally saved my pennies and got a new 2016 Camaro SS.

Now while I am a self-proclaimed gear head, I am not a drag racing, straight line running guy. I like to head to the track and do some autocross and put all the tech built into a car to use. As of late it has also made me a better driver, but admittedly and more aggressive driver.

I love American Muscle, that deep rumble and raw power. Yes yes, some imports will do a fun dance around my car, but not all :). From Mustangs to Challengers to the older cars not in production (Novas, Chevelles, Pontiacs, Trans Ams, etc..) I love the old school hot rods. But no other Muscle car has had me more butterflied than the Chevy Camaro.

I remember attending an old IC LAN event many years ago, and we found ourselves down the main route, and all sort of cars were showing off their greatness. Anyone else recall that? :) Good Times!

Not sure if Ryder is around or the good ole FatCat, but I know you guys are most likely still driving some sweet rides :)



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