Raid summary 01/10 - 01/11 2016

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian


It's good to be back! After taking a few weeks off for the holidays we brushed off the dust and decided to take a crack at heroic Mannoroth. The first night was rough, but we started reliably getting to phase 4 and had multiple attempts in the sub-5% range before calling it a night. On Monday, we started again with full confidence that we would down him. It was a struggle, and we got to 1% multiple times, but finally we had a surge of beast mode on our final attempt from GSRage, @Aalonz, and @riffraff sealing the win after the rest of us got knocked away. We are now 11/13 heroic HFC, with only Tyrant Velhari and Archimonde remaining.

The guild is more social than ever, with several people online at any given time; no matter what time you log in during daylight, there are almost certainly people online in guild chat and on mumble. We have several people willing to help out with gearing, weekly/daily stuff, achievements, transmog, you name it. The guild has never been more active. Currently the best way to get gear is mythic dungeons and we have people running them or helping people run them pretty much every day.

Keep up the good work, IC!


  • Great job everyone. It feels really good to be back.

    The guild has always been great, but it's exceptionally lively with all the recent recruits. It's amazing how I've only been back about a week and I've already made so many new friends. This is going to be a great year for Icrontic and I cannot wait to play Legion with you all.

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