Gravitational Waves

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The piece from The New Yorker is the most poetic and beautiful description of today's major scientific breakthrough announcement that I've seen. Great read!



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    That's so completely inaccurate. There would be SO MANY more LinkedIn emails.

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    You too can learn signal processing and detect gravitational waves with the magic of Python:

  • Okay, explain to me how sound traveled that far in a vacuum? I understand their is some precedence for some atmospheric medium like gas clouds and such but I thought in space no one could hear you scream?

    I want to believe, so badly, you have no idea. My imagination is running wild with it, but the idea that man can pinpoint a sound as being made 1.3 billion years ago, traveling from a place where sound typically doesn't travel, well, it's just hard for me to comprehend the discovery beyond accepting it just because their people that say so are smarter than me.... I very much would like to understand.

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    The waves produced by the merger of these black holes weren't sound waves, but rather "gravitational waves" which travel through the fabric of space-time similar to the way sound waves travel through air. Space-time is the fabric of reality as we perceive it which has three spacial axes and the perception of the forward motion of time. This event caused a ripple that was detected by scientists, proving part of Einstein's theorem.

    I hope that makes it easier to understand :)

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    @Cliff_Forster said:
    I very much would like to understand.

    Is thought the first video on this page was helpful. They showed that during the press conference. The rest of the event site is good, too.

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    So in essence this instrumentation is capable of detecting the disruptions in space time, in this case a massive vibration from two black holes getting too close and releasing a massive amount of energy, and the "sound" is putting those frequencies together and representing what it would sound like based on the vibration data?

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    This is a really, really good explanation of this whole thing in a way that helps dummies like me understand it. Super neat.

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