Nvidia ships nForce 3 Pro

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Nvidia has announced the first of its nforce 3 Pro parts, have entered full scale production. Nvidia's original nForce chipsets and the resulting nForce 2, have fast gained the company a reputation for designing innovative and technologicaly expansive products and the nForce 3 looks set to carry on enforcing Nvidia's ever dominating stance in the computer industry. Watch out VIA.

The nForce 3 Pro is a single-chip implementation of Nvidia's Athlon XP-oriented nForce 2 product. The Opteron's built-in memory controller has forced Nvidia to dispense with its own controller, allowing it to fold the North Bridge's AGP controller into its South Bridge part.

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  • Omega65Omega65 Philadelphia, Pa
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    OK Nvidia now where's the NF3 Dual Chipset?!? :)
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