Raid Summary 03/27 - 03/29 2016

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Whoops! Forgot to post the raid summary

This past weekend was fantastic for the guild: We cleared 12/13 heroic HFC, starting on Saturday and ending Monday. Several of the bosses were 1-shot, even though our raid comp was significantly different due to various absences and scheduling conflicts. People are still getting upgrades so we're still progressing. On heroic Archimonde, despite missing several of our highest DPS players, we were very consistently getting into phase 4 with zero problems. Phases 1 and 2 are butter-smooth at this point and we got Archie down below 20% almost every attempt. With our normal raid comp in place, Archie will not be a problem.

We also had an interlude to give mythic Highmaul a shot for fun, achievements, and lulz... and it worked. We sailed through the first wing of mythic Highmaul with only one wipe on the Butcher. Kargath and Brackenspore were one-shots.

See everybody on Saturday! As usual our Saturday run is ALTS and GEARING: Bring whatever you want, we'll start at 8pm EST at the ground floor of HFC and go through as far as we can (usually up to Socrethar). On Sunday bring your A-game (your mains + food + flasks + potions!) we'll decide whether to proceed with wing 2 or go straight to Mannoroth/Archimonde.

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