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I'm ripping my entire audio library to FLAC for archive purposes. I was thinking after I do that I'd like to use some software to do a massive batch run (450 CD's) to either 256 AAC or 320 MP3 for portability.

Does anyone have a preferred method for accomplishing this? Is a particular conversion software faster, more reliable, easier to use? I have plenty of processing power so I'm hoping to find something that takes advantage of that and speeds up the job a bit.


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    I had a really good experience ripping multiple CDs using EAC for the safe/confirmed ripping from CD and then you can use a variety of tools to process the FLAC > MP3 v0 (or your preference) version. I think the "gold" standards for ease of use while retaining features were foobar2000's converter and dbpoweramp. There are ways you could go to command line for conversions, but it is isn't worth the time IMO. I would rip everything, then mass convert if you want the least "involved" process. If you want to manage it more while it is going, you could rip, start conversion and next rip, repeat. You'll probably (almost certainly) beat the rips with conversion.

  • Thanks @Tushon dbpoweramp was exactly what I was looking for. It's funny, I tried to Google it but I don't think I ever phrased the question in a way that got me a good result. Thank you, that is exactly what I need.

    I got some new headphones and a high res FIIO X1 player and decided to undertake the whole project at once. I was ripping just using media player in 10 (FLAC ripping is native now)... But EAC looks like a winner delivering the accuracy report at the end, I'll check that out too.

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    Good deal. Yeah, if I was going to go through the effort of ripping my entire library for archiving purposes, I would use EAC, not anything built in to windows. Here is a link to config guides to make sure you select everything you need to the first time through for EAC and foobar/dbpoweramp. You can honestly use either and might as well try foobar first since it is free.

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