Raid Summary 03/05 - 03/07 2016

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

Heroic Archimonde down (again)!

On Saturday we had more fun with first floor HFC and alts, though we struggled a bit with some farm bosses. On Sunday we started with a direct charge straight at the pinnacle of Hellfire Citadel and after a handful of attempts got Archimonde down again (and got @sazbean her moose!). The first three phases of the fight are on lockdown, and we can almost do them with our eyes closed... Phase 4 was still pretty messy (even though on our very first attempt of the night we got him down to 1%), but finally @enslayved started yelling at people to do mechanics properly (ADDS! ADDS! ADDS!) and it worked.

Monday didn't go as smoothly; we brought some alts and got Iskar down as well as Fel Lord Zakuuun (after several messy attempts) but struggled a bit with a farm boss (Xhul'horac), which just proves that while we're on point with our mains, whenever we bring alts it's a bit of a struggle.

For now we'll consider the current raid lineup:

  • Saturday is alt night / tier bosses on HFC as far as we can push
  • Sunday is main / progression night heroic Mannoroth / Archimonde and then more tier bosses for people who need those
  • Monday is play-by-ear: perhaps more tier bosses or alts, perhaps mythic Highmaul, perhaps old content for achievements.
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