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    Putting @Thrax's post from the Tank thread here:

    If y'all read the blog I posted, it addresses this topic with data. The relevant chart is below.

    • Bottom axis plots Artifact ranks up to the max of 54
    • Specifically, it shows the progress of leveling 1 artifact vs. leveling 2, 3 or 4 equal weapons or one MS weapons that's always +3 levels on the OS weapon.
    • To use: follow blue line to a certain number of artifact points, then go up to one of the other colors. Go across to the left and see what number that new dot corresponds to. That's what level your artifact would be if you only focused on one, instead of on multiple.
    • Example: Follow blue line up and to the right to 40 AP. Go up to the red dot above that (two dots directly up for colorblind folks). Now go across to the left, you'll see that's 45. This means that leveling two weapons with your AP to 40 would take the same amount of time as getting one weapon to 45.

    As you can see, the break point isn't too bad up until level 32, where there's an AP cost bump. Then at 34 it ramps up, because you run out of interesting traits at 34. The next 20 levels are literally just a flat DPS increase. +5% at level 35, then +0.5% for the remaining 19 levels.

    So it really isn't too detrimental to juggle two weapons up to 32. You'll only be a few days behind someone who focused strictly on one weapon. Before spending that 33rd point, though, you gotta pick a main spec.

    tl;dr: people have time to figure out their specs. Juggling two until level 32 is fine. It won't hurt. That'll take you a while.

  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi Icrontian

    I sure hope class tuning as Legion is released/we get into the raids being released/opened doesn't result in a change of spec as the best DPS for those classes with multiple DPS spec choices (Hunter, warrior, priest, warlock, etc).
    I mean, if you get 4 weeks into your primary Artifact and then there are changes that make another spec higher DPS, this could cause some seriously upset people.

  • They've mentioned they will not being making drastic changes. They don't want to take a top DPS spec and suddenly make it the worst. This doesn't mean a spec won't end up shifting a couple places overall, but it shouldn't affect most people too much.

  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian

    Specifically, they said:

    If Fire is way too good, rather than bringing them down to a point where they are tied with or worse than Frost and Arcane, they will take them to slightly too good still.

    Implying that they want to keep the same approximate DPS ordering, rather than creating a FoTM scenario.

  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    Here's another good image from AskMrRobot.

    • In 27 weeks you can fully max out your MS weapon. All 54 AP.
    • In 28 weeks you can fully max out your MS weapon, all 54 AP, and complete all 34 main traits in an offspec. Your offset weapon would be 14.5% less DPS or healing than your main.

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    3am EST. I'll be there, frantically clicking "LOGIN".

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    Note: Icy Veins class guides now have ideal Artifact Weapon builds for every spec.

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    @Sazbean said:


    I think that cured my hangover

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    Someone done goofed.

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