Problems installing Google Drive Sync Utility

fmuellerfmueller Auckland, NZ Icrontian

So I started using Google Drive a little while ago, and decided to sync one of the folders on my Windows 7 PC with the Google Drive. I used Google Drive Sync Utility, and followed instructions on CNET. The installation went smooth as Tennessee whiskey, and everything worked just like it should - until I decided I didn't like the email address I had used to set up the Google Drive. I figured I'd de-install the sync utility, create a Google account using another email address, and re-install the sync utility while signed into the new account, so everything would automatically be synced to the new Google Drive.

BIG MISTAKE! De-installing Google Drive leaves shit all over the place, and even after several attempts to clean up the mess with Revo Uninstaller, for the life of me I can not re-install the sync utility. It always says 'Installation completed', but it never even creates a Google Drive folder on my HD.

I have been messing with this for some days now, and it is driving me crazy. Of course I could just use another cloud storage option, but this is for a project I am working on with other people, and they love Google Drive! Any suggestions on how I can get this wretched sync utility to work?

Many thanks!

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