Advice on windows 7 to 10?

Hi I was thinking about if I should update windows 7 to windows 10. My games are all on either steam or good old games (gog). My computer is a nice 2011 mac desktop and I use bootcamp to run windows 7. I'm not having problems not being able to run games because using 7 but the question kind of occurs to me of whether I should update. I am hoping to get some good opinions here. I am far from a computer expert yet not an octogenarian and with saying that I hope to avoid fussy problems that would require 'knowing what I am doing on computers'.


  • Post the threshold one release around mid November it's been mostly smooth sailing for Windows 10. The first few months were a disaster but now, I'd say you probably want to take advantage of the free upgrade. You have 30 days to roll back so it's reasonably low risk to roll the upgrade and see what you think.

  • Thanks. I did not know about the roll back option.

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    When Windows 10 updates it writes a system restore backup prior to the install then gives you 30 days before it deletes it. You access the restoration by going to Windows Update under settings if you need it. My bet is it will be just fine. Seems like most of the bugs have been ironed out at this point.

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