Expo Icrontic 2016 Prize: Bright's Epic TF2 Item Bundle

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This post serves to itemize everything that is included in the massive bundle of TF2 items @Bright has provided as an expo prize. The winner will receive:

  • Description Tag x2
  • Name Tag x2
  • Paints x3
  • Keys x 27


  • Rainblower x2
  • Festive Wrap Assasin x2
  • Conscientious Objector x2
  • Festive Sniper Rifle x2
  • Haunted Fallen Angel
  • Haunted Tail from the Crypt
  • Pain Train
  • Spy-cicle
  • Festive Frontier Justice
  • Festive Ambassador
  • Blutsuager


  • Rocket Launcher
  • Scattergun
  • Medigun
  • Sandvich
  • Ambassador
  • Blutsauger
  • Holy Mackeral
  • Flame Thrower
  • Buff Banner
  • Ubersaw
  • Conscientious bjector
  • Vinte Ambassador
  • Vintage Buffalo Steak Sanvich


  • Snipers Killed


  • Spooky Sleeves
  • Fortune Hunter
  • Mining Light
  • Intangible Ascot
  • Defiant Spartan
  • Rimmed Raincatcher
  • Geisha Boy
  • Stockbroker's Scarf
  • Genuine Robot Chicken Hat
  • Haunted Rump O' Lantern
  • Genuine Sign of the Wolf's School
  • Genuine Fairie Solitaire Pin'
  • Frenchmen's Beret
  • Killer's Kabuto
  • Ol' Snaggletooth
  • Fancy Dress Uniform
  • Familiar Fez
  • Winter Wonderland Wrap
  • Mustachioed Mann
  • Cross-Comm Express
  • Genuine Companion Cube Pin
  • Blazing Bull
  • Haunted Voodoo Cursed Scout Soul
  • Voodoo-Cursed Spy Soul
  • Voodoo-Cursed Pyro Soul
  • Voodoo-Cursed Demoman Soul
  • Voodoo-Cursed Medic Soul
  • Cut Throat Concierge
  • Apparatchik's Apparel
  • Attendant
  • Foster's Facade (painted Pink As Hell)
  • Bootie Time (painted Pink As Hell)
  • Big Elfin Deal (painted Pink As Hell)
  • Genuine Anger (painted Pink As Hell)
  • Whiskered Gentleman
  • Genuine Conjurer's Cowl
  • Blighted Beak (painted Pink As Hell)
  • Bird Man of Aberdeen
  • Noh Mercy
  • Saxton Hale Mask
  • Cheet Sheet
  • Haunted Crone's Dome
  • Vintage Pyrovision Goggles


  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Congratulations to @Farge for winning this massive prize pack. I've started the trade offer so you should see it soon :)

    Again, thank you so much to @Bright for the fantastic donation. Farge was super excited to win it. I realized as I was making the trade all the "pink as hell" items made me sad that I'll never see Bright wearing that stuff again; this time it will be Farge :D

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