How to still earn money in your garrison

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The Garrison is dead, long live the Garrison!

A PSA for fellow guildies:

You can still use your garrison to earn money. By ignoring all XP, gear, and oil missions you can still send followers out to get garrison resources, and it's very easy to cap at 10,000 in a couple of days. You should take this time to tear down your barn or whatever bullshit you won't need anymore and build a trading post (if you're very industrious, you can even get the AH vendor for it). From your trading post you can still trade garrison resources for Draenor raw materials, some of which are still very relevant (particularly cloth, because bags never go out of style).

Another thing you can do is use the Menagerie to do a very quick daily pet battle to earn upgrades for pets. After a week or two of this you should be able to buy some pets that sell very well on the AH.

All for about 10/mins a day invested.

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