Kosumoth the Hungerer: An Incredible Easter Egg

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Via Reddit:

Hey everyone, thought I'd let you know how Kosumoth came to be spawned because it was a pretty cool thing. It started as people [on Wowhead] searching for how to get the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph.

It was discovered that there are extremely hidden caves throughout Broken Shores with dark orbs in them. To give you an idea of how hidden these caves were one is in a broken ship in the middle of the ocean south of Eye of Azshara, through a crack, and then hidden behind kelp, basically three layers of secret you have to find. Another is a hidden cave that has another hidden cave near the entrance that actually has the orb.

It was then noticed that Drak'thul, the hermit orc on Broken Shores, has one of these orbs next to him. A commenter on Wowhead discovered that if you do an easter egg with Drak'thul (where you find a relic hidden in a cave nearby and give it to him and he speaks old god) it allows you to click on those hidden orbs, which are called Hungering Orbs.

Luckily next to Drak'thul is a table and on that table is a mix of pebbles and an orb which helped find them all. It was discovered this is actually a makeshift map of the Broken Isles and that the pebbles mark the different places where the orbs are found (with Drak'thul's orb as Suramar and Broken Shores as a fel candle). Here's a pic of the world map with these clues superimposed: http://imgur.com/sK51hnb

Through trial and error we discovered that the orbs had to be clicked in a very certain order. We collectively as a group went over them and eventually hitting the last one spawned Kosumoth.

Credit to all the amazing work people put into this in the Wowhead comments.

And here's the post with all the orb images and locations. Here's the guy who found the first orb.

And here's a better-formatted WoWHead post from the Reddit OP, with full screenshots and item links. Some of these orbs are hidden in plain sight, while others are mind-bendingly obscure.

And the real magic: you have to complete this ritual yourself to get loot from him. That's right! Visit Drak'thul, then the orbs in the specified order, and you'll get a special world quest to go kill Kosumoth.

The craziest thing of all: all of this happened because this guy theorized that the patterns of orbs and stones on the desk next to Drak'thul were not random. He overlaid them on the world map of Broken Isles, and he was right.

Drak'thul is found on a little hermit hut on the Broken Shore, the southern tip of the island that contains the Tomb of Sargeras. That was his location in Warcraft 3. And he's still there today, 14 years later in WoW.



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    That is un-fucking-real. No wonder I got 73 silver from the boss :D


    Makes you wonder what else is out there hidden in the amazing Broken Isles. #bestexpansion

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    It's a crazy series of coincidences and near-misses that unlocked this one. They were originally hunting for the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph, a pink hippogryph mount added to the data files in 2007, but not made available for players to get until now. A guy swimming around Eye of Azshara stumbled across the first orb in the order. None of the other orbs are clickable until that first one. Some other guy found this tiny-ass cave on Broken Shore, found an impossibly small clickable dirt pile, and thought to bring the resulting item back to Drak'thul. Some other guy thought the random pile of stones on Drak'thul's desk was actually a map. If people hadn't stumbled accidentally into the right place, the right time AND the right people, this never would have been found.

    The Hippogryph remains a mystery.

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    A new easter egg arrives: The long-lost hippogryph has been found.


  • .. god don't let this be another TLPD.

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