PROGRESSION RAID: Sunday September 25th 2016 8pm EST

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

As our awesome Tuesday night intro raid was a "soft trial" for the progression team, it went really well. While some of us were limited by gear, everyone's performance was promising; things like learning from mistakes, correcting bad mechanics, and avoiding damage all went extraordinarily well for a first run of a newly-assembled group.

At this point the officers have discussed, looked at the logs, and determined that the 21 people who were in the raid on Tuesday are capable of continuing on Normal progression this Sunday. We would like to see some effort put into gearing up (Where we will be REQUIRING 830 or you sit, but 835+ before Sunday would be really nice!), and making sure you have your rep/campaign quests on the cutting edge; these are all minor things that will make the raid even that much smoother.

We'll continue progression on NORMAL, and when we get to a point where Heroic feels possible with little frustration, we may pare the team down a bit for heroic progression while maintaining this roster for normal. PLEASE REMEMBER: If you are asked to sit out a particular raid, IT IS NOT PERSONAL and you are STILL A VALUED MEMBER OF THE TEAM and you WILL be given an opportunity to get back on the roster. This is pretty standard operating procedure for raiding guilds so please don't think this is something we are doing to be jerks. It will be objective, based on logs and numbers and will be decided by all the officers, not just one.

In all honesty though, it's entirely possible that at this time nobody will have to sit out on heroic progression. If everybody keeps putting effort into improving and gearing up the way you have been so far, this is looking like a very solid group.

I'd like to also draw attention to the fact that right now Icrontic is TOP 100 on Kel'Thuzad; ranked at 74, which is fantastic. We had the 44th realm kill on Elerethe and 54th on Nythendra. This is not to be underestimated; as a new group this is phenomenal

I also want to draw attention to something important: I've heard a few people say that they asked for help in guild chat but nobody was around or took them up on their requests and they got frustrated and felt ignored. This guild is very willing to help people run dungeons, world quests, help with crafting/farming/gearing, etc... BUT, asking once in guild chat and then getting frustrated that nobody said anything and then assuming you're unliked is NOT the way to go. Guild Chat is probably the worst way to get help since it's so sporadically monitored, it's often spammed with other messages (achievements, trade chats, whatever) and it's not "on the radar" for a lot of people. You should still continue to utilize guild chat for stuff but please consider other channels of communication if you really need help with something or want a guild run of a dungeon. Many of us are in Mumble all day; Mumble is probably the single best way to get help. Also consider that often people are already running things and cannot stop to answer "Hey I'm in the middle of mythic HoV right now but later on after dinner I'm willing to run another" or some such. Mumble, Guild Chat, or even posting here on the forums are all valid ways of getting a group together. Scheduling them helps a LOT too. Some people cannot be spontaneous due to RL but if you say, hey at 8pm I'd like to get a group together to run Eye of Azshara mythic, you're more likely to get a group together.

For Sunday we will NOT be requiring gems and enchants. They're way too stupid expensive right now and the gear will be replaced soon anyway.

We will continue monitoring logs and seeing where we can improve but for now the core seems tight. You guys did great and we're only going up from here ☺


  • 830 ilvl minimum, 835+ encouraged
  • Enough flasks to last the raid (three). I know they're expensive, but at 1300+ to your primary stat, they are essential. We're coordinating group herb farming and alchemy to help people out, so please get involved on mumble to help the group out or if you need help with flasks. We realize they're expensive but that can be mitigated with farming.
  • Your own stat food, or the mats to make it

Potions will not be required yet but they are encouraged if you can swing it



  • SazbeanSazbean Paladins. Lawful good & violent about it. Chelsea, MI Icrontian
    edited September 2016

    TL;DNR: If you raided with us on Tuesday AND your gear is 830+, plus buying flasks & food (or mats), you're in for Sunday. If you need help with gear or flasks or mats, please ask (this may require a whisper or mumble, don't rely on guild chat because it's hard to see while you're in the midst of playing). If you didn't raid on Tuesday and would like to be considered for Sunday's raid, please talk to one of the officers = @primesuspect (Kethark), @Thrax (Solenda), @Ryanfodder, @Sazbean (Maejah), @Dark_arches (Protractor), @Ryder (Avisuku), and @tiberiuslazarus (Wolford)

  • I wish I would be able to join you guys. I have some RL issues going on right now and can't dedicate much time to WoW. I am level 110 but I just got to Suramar so I am way behind the curve right now. I hope to join you guys later when I have more time.

  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Aww no worries @Arkim we'll be here for you when you have time. Hope things are okay for you

  • It is going better now, thanks. My little girl has been sick a lot since this summer and it turned out she has gastritis. She is feeling better now that we can treat it.

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