Raid Summary 10/10/2016: 7/7N full clear + 2/7H Emerald Nightmare

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian
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What an amazing two raid nights for Icrontic! We started off on Sunday with a handful of new (to us) raiders, and in one single night did a full clear of Emerald Nightmare on normal difficulty. It's amazing how well it went, considering we re-explained every fight to the group. The fact that a full clear was achieved is a testament to how much potential this guild has. Everybody followed instructions, did things correctly, brought their A-game, and we won. Congrats to all those who got gear, quest items, and clear achievements.

On Monday, our progression team buckled down and cleared H Nythendra again and then went on to our progress goal which was to down H Ursoc... after 15 wipes, we did it!

Let's be clear: the heroic Ursoc fight is a brutal gatekeeper: he is a DPS, mechanics, and heal check to the extreme. Everything must be executed perfectly, DPS must be on-point, mechanics require no mistakes, and tank swaps and heal cooldowns must be managed precisely.

And we did all that. It became a dance. By the time we had our kill attempt, we were like the freaking Moscow Ballet out there. Everybody moved in sync, groups swapped perfectly, tanks swapped perfectly, heal cooldowns were synced up perfectly, and everybody squeezed extra DPS out of their class. It all aligned into an extremely satisfying kill. The adrenaline rush was real and many of us (all of us?) were shaking by the end.

Next week we are missing @Sazbean (Maejah) and @Sazboom (Boomthemage) to "vacation" (ugh), so we will be running normal with an alternative tank on Sunday and on Monday we'll see where we're at.

2/7H, Icrontic. Onward!



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