Raid Summary 10/17/2016: 7/7N full clear + 3/7H Emerald Nightmare

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Sorry for the late summary! Work's been really busy this week

On Sunday we did it again: introduced a few new raiders to the team and managed to full clear Emerald Nightmare with very little struggle. We were missing both of our main tanks due to "vacation" and "concerts" whatever those things are, and we had our two alternate tanks step in (thank you @Kliv and @Rexxar!). No struggle there; We one-shot every boss in the instance except for Cenarius. It was a cakewalk. We have normal EmN on farm 100%.

Sunday, our progression team stepped forth to do battle with Heroic progression; we were missing @Sazbean (Maejah) due to the aforementioned "vacation" thing, so @Kliv (Delybel) once again stepped in to tank heroic with Bear.

I'm happy to say we have H Nythendra on farm. We have no problems with her at all.

We then approached the dreaded H Ursoc again, but this time with just a bit of struggle we were able to down him relatively early in the night. We're getting the fight down to a science.

Our progression in heroic continued with a very clean and easy kill of Dragons of Nightmare, a new boss for us. We're now 3/7 heroic!

We ended the evening by making significant progress against Eye of Il'gyanoth heroic; we have phase one down clean and we should be able to clean it up and defeat it next week.

Great work, team!

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