Raid Summary 10/24/2016 7/7N full clear + 3/7H Emerald Nightmare

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This weekend's raid brought us a couple more new raiders to the roster and one new heroic raider to our progression team. We've got normal EmN on clean farm, and can full clear it in about two hours with almost all one-shots. Our casual team was able to also accomplish a new feat: Heroic Nythendra :)

Our progression team was able to clear Ursoc very easily (got that one down to a science) and then took on Dragons of Nightmare again for another kill. We spent the remainder of our evening working on Il'gyanoth. While we didn't down that damnable tree, we did make significant and serious progress against it and were reliably getting into phase 2. With a little more gear, a little more DPS on the Ichors, some strategy tweaks, and some positioning adjustments, we'll get it.

Next week the raid is off due to Icrontic Oktoberfest. The officers will be meeting during IC Oktoberfest to discuss the future of the casual raid group: we've got EmN normal on farm, heroic Nythendra on farm, and Trials of Valor is now out so we may be making some changes to what we do on Sunday nights. We'll let everybody know after the meeting.

For those who won't be at Oktoberfest, use this coming weekend to work on getting your Karazhan attunement! It takes about two hours, includes four mythic dungeons and some questing in Deadwind Pass, and then you're done. Get your group together and open up the Kara dungeon! The gear will help :)

Normal raid schedule resumes November 6th at 8pm EST.

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