Raiding is Expensive in Legion: good article

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

A good read on the costs of raiding this expansion: flasks, potions, and food.

Some interesting discussion points:

  • Blizzard's crackdown on gold farmers/bots/hacked accounts have affected the economy by decreasing the number of bots farming mats
  • Draenor had an herb garden
  • Scarcity, scarcity, scarcity (in terms of Starlight Rose)
  • People were a bit spoiled with gold in Draenor and not used to paying for things
  • Blizzard intervened in 7.1 with the Blood vendor but it's not having a major effect


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian

    Good article, yes. I will say, though, that the 7.1 vendor has been personally quite lucrative for me. I had so many bloods stocked up that I don't imagine I'll be running out of flasks until the Nighthold hits.

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