Raid Summary 11/7/2016 7/7N full clear + 5/7H Emerald Nightmare

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

Looks like our little break paid off, because we came back to Emerald Nightmare with a vengeance.

On Sunday we did a full clear with mostly 1-shots of Normal EmN. We introduced a couple of new raiders to the group and had no trouble stomping all over the raid. We continued on with a clear of heroic Nythendra and Dragons of Nightmare to finish off the night.

On Monday, we came into heroic EmN with clear heads, a bit of a new team comp, some new progression team members, and bellies full of flasks and food, and it worked. We proceeded to have a very hairy Ursoc clear (furry?), with some heroic last-second performances from @Angaliki and @MAGIC helping to down the hoary ol' bear.

We moved on to the dreaded Il'Gynoth, which has given us a bit of trouble in the past; not sure what happened but we absolutely smashed it, cleared it on our first attempt, and moved on. Emboldened, we headed to Elerethe Renferal.

It was a rough start but we did everything exactly right: We improved each phase in bits and pieces, learned from our mistakes, made corrections, pushed further, and then suddenly everything clicked into place and we easily downed the spiderbird, with everyone alive at the end. Beautiful

We finished the night by getting some excellent practice on Cenarius. We are holding the lockout and we will be continuing our progression on heroic Cenarius next Monday.

HUGE congrats, IC! We are now 5/7H EmN!

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