Raid Summary 11/14/2016 2/3 N ToV and 6/7 H EmN

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As always, congratulations Icrontic!

A brand new raid with three (very tough) new bosses, and two of them are already down. Our team got through the mechanically challenging Odyn and Guarm fights and made very acceptable progress against Helya (who is always just so angry at everything).

On Monday our progression team made progress with a new heroic boss down; we are now 6/7 heroic Emerald Nightmare after downing Cenarius. It was a tough fight but once the positioning and mechanics clicked with everyone, it was butter.

We had a few attempts against Xavius before we had to call it a night.

Great work, IC!


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  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    We've heard select chatter about extending the lockout for Heroic Cenarius and Xavius for two weeks running. Without knowing for certain, I think there is some anxiety that we're pushing to kill Heroic Xavius so we can move on from Heroic Emerald Nightmare forever. Worry not! :)

    We are pushing Heroic Xavius and AOTC to put Heroic Emerald Nightmare on farm. We understand there are lots of upgrades for people early on in the raid, and we intend to come back to those bosses aplenty over the next several weeks.

    But to do that, we also need to see and fully understand all of the bosses at their new difficulty. As we've seen, even familiar bosses with few/no mechanics changes are much less forgiving on Heroic difficulty--much more threatening obstacles. That's why we're spending some extra time on Cenarius (which paid off) and Xavius (which is very close to paying off). Then it's off to farmland!

    Given that the raid's average ilvl is 863, and people are itching to farm 865 items, I know our group is fully geared to accomplish that quickly. Mastery of mechanics and work on DPS rotations will get us over the hump.

    In the meantime:

    1. Mythic+ dungeons are an essential part of Blizzard's gearing strategy in Legion. If you haven't run any or don't know much about them, you're seriously missing out. Learn more!
    2. The loot is equivalent to Heroic raid gear if you're doing the appropriate difficulty. For example, a group 860ish players are ready to complete Mythic 10 or 11 for ilvl 865 or 870 gear. You'll also get a free 880 item in your Order Hall the following week.
    3. Getting two or three chests at the end of a Mythic 8 or 9 can also have the same outcome.
    4. We'll be moving rapidly from normal ToV to Heroic ToV to get that sweet 870 gear, too.
    5. Don't hesitate to PUG the early Heroic bosses while we push a specific boss. It's okay.

    To recap:

    1. We want to get Heroic EmN down to a 90 minute clear (or less) and move it to casual night farm. 865 gear.
    2. We want to get Normal ToV down to a 60 minute clear (or less) and move it to casual night farm. 860 gear
    3. We want to master Normal ToV and switch to Heroic ToV on progression night ASAP. 870 gear.
    4. We can add Mythic EmN to progression night when Heroic goes to farm. 880 gear.
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