Raid Summary 11/28/2016 2/3 N ToV and 7/7 H EmN

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

On Sunday we took our casual raid group on a 6/7 clear of heroic EmN. This is especially impressive since there were many people who have never done heroic EmN and yet we plowed through it.

On Monday we decided to finish our lockout and got SIX raiders their Ahead of the Curve achievement for heroic Xavius.Congrats!

We finished the evening with a sneak attack of heroic Odyn (which didn't go well), and then went back to normal ToV, where we finished the night clearing Odyn and Guarm.

The discussion has come up from a few different people about what's next, with Mythic EmN (or at least Mythic Nythendra) coming up multiple times.

The officers are discussing this right now. We DO want to go Mythic, and we DO believe this guild is capable of mythic progress. We will be publishing some discussions soon about expectations, roster, and strategies to earn a spot on the mythic team.

For now, we'll continue next week on Heroic EmN and Normal ToV as we've been doing. We SHOULD be able to clear normal Helya next Monday with our progress team.

Great work, IC!



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