Dad wants help with cellphones

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My father @Alberio is looking to replace some family phones due to general failure and forced obsolescence.

One of the phones he's currently looking at is the ZTE Grand X 4, LTE capable mid-range cellphone.

He'd really appreciate feedback on these phones, good or bad. We're in Canada naturally so choices are limited on carrier and supply.

For alternatives he really wants to get his hands on Google Nexus 5x's but they only seem to be available through the more cutthroat carriers in Canada. If you guys have any idea where to find them on warranty without the ridiculous carriers he'd appreciate it.


  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    re nexus 5x: Can you order from the US google play store? I don't know how warranty works internationally, but I imagine it is possible. I'm blissfully unaware of the rest of the market for phones because I've been a Nexus fanboy.

  • I touch a lot of consumer devices in my work. Smart phones are really starting to blend together. Everything being released is at least some flavor of good. Price / battery life / advanced features / preferred OS are all part of the discussion, but ultimately everything is a quad core or more with 3GB of RAM in your pocket. It's almost hard to go wrong buying one now. Depending on how savy he is, even the Jitterbug smart phones they put out here have this simple Android GUI replacement for folks that have simple needs. If he is more of a tech savy guy, Samsung / LG / Motorola and Google Nexus devices all tend to get good support. I was a huge fan of my HTC phone for build quality but I think they are doing poorly, who knows if they will be around to support it, if the price is right though, HTC makes some fantastic product.

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