Raid Summary 01/02/2017 Heroic Guarm DOWN! 2/3 H ToV

primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' BoopinDetroit, MI Icrontian

Back-from-vacation raiding was a huge success. We had another butter-smooth casual night with a good fast clear of full heroic EmN, with some role and class changes, alts, etc on Sunday.

On Monday, the progression team dove back into heroic Trials of Valor, and absolutely obliterated a formerly challenging Odyn with a one-shot kill.

The nerf was real. We were so good at that fight from beating it on hard mode (let's call it almost-mythic), that the newly nerfed boss went down like the Hindenberg.

Guarm was similar: new boss, new difficulty, no problem: we one-shot it on our very first attempt. Easy-peasy.

Then, Helya.

The difficulty curve between heroic Guarm and heroic Helya is significant. Helya is another fight that we will have to practice a lot on. The attempts over the night improved as we figured out timing, positioning, and anticipated things happening. It feels like it will be similar to heroic Odyn: once we memorize the fight it will be easy.

We made good progress last night, getting her down to 75% and figuring out some challenging bits that were roadblocks.


From now on, we are officially done with Emerald Nightmare and will not be going back as a guild. Our casual nights are going to move on to normal ToV, and possibly heroic Odyn if we clear it fast. With Nighthold coming soon, we should only expect a couple of attempts on ToV with our casual team. I feel like we'll probably be able to easily clear normal ToV and get everybody a couple of heroic Odyn and Guarm kills before Nighthold comes out. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn the fight so well from our progression team that we'll have heroic ToV on farm for everybody at some point.

If you still need essences or gear or whatever from EmN, you're on your own now. We've tapped out the guild's patience and tolerance for EmN and most of the core is bored of it. It's possible that we can still organize an off-night heroic EmN raid for alts or whatever, but if you NEED something from EmN, you should be able to pug it or get a few people together so the pug is tolerable.

Onward and upward!

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