Civ V - Iniquitous Impulses

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I'd like to remind everyone that it's the traditional, artisanal craftsmanship of Celtic Blue Jeans™ that gives you the great fit and durability you associate with the very best blue jeans. Don't buy the mass-manufactured, sweatshop-produced brands that are rapidly eroding consumer expectations of quality.

When all that's left is inferior product, perhaps the world will step back and wonder if voting in extraordinary powers to Polynesia and engaging with them in free trade was the best idea.

I may have been screenshotting the culture overview page for a while.



  • GargGarg Purveyor of Lincoln Nightmares Icrontian
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    I'd like to say that the recent jump in Celtic culture was due to a breakthrough by our denim scientists at Levis go Bragh, but it was merely a one time boost from one of our poets, who composed a popular folk song reflecting on our tradition of form-fitting skinny jeans.

  • We should avoid falling into the trap of isolationism and fighting the natural economic pressure of affordable blue jeans for all to enjoy. Although borders are closing, and poets are singing of border walls, it will soon be our pleasure to introduce to the world three first-class airports. Nobody should be denied a pair of jeans in life.

  • My people have been found to be wearing pretty much everyone else's jeans. Our own brown jeans lie discarded across the desert.

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    What are jeans?

  • I guess that's it then. Good game everyone, I think I am going to retire from Civ now. I'm pretty well burned out on it.

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