Rpg maker Sprite/ code share

oni_delsoni_dels Drunk French CanadianMontréal, Québec. Icrontian

So i started "playing" with rpg maker ace vx (which was like 8$ during the holiday sale) and i wanted to see if any of you have used it (or other software) and also i wanted a place to share the games (or demos) and custom sprites and whatnot!



  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

    I've put many hours into RPGMaker. My limitation with sharing was always the size of the game when compiled for players without RPGMaker.

    I love the "coding" aspect. It's a lot of fun building an event with many branches and then being able to play through it.

    I've not dove into creating my own assets at all though other than using the character creators that came with the couple bundles I've picked up.


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