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  • RyderRyder Kalamazoo, Mi Icrontian

    All you Ryzen users out there. Check for bios updates that have the AGESA 1006 code in them. Lots of nice improvements to memory dividers, memory timings, etc. Gigabyte also fixed my removable network adapter (one of them showed as a removable device in Windows), but that was probably not part of the AGESA update.

  • TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Trondheim, Norway Icrontian

    Bit of a one step forward, two steps back with the first iteration of 1006 for Crosshair enthusiasts at least. Quite a bit higher memory throughput on the previous bios. It's quite obvious that higher memory frequency have been priority on this bios. Much better gaming benchmarks with 3200 and tight timings on the older bios.

  • AGESA 1006 has been a bit wonky for me. I 've had crashes that were not common prior. I may roll back. I'm running an Asrock AB350 Gaming K4 with a Ryzen 5 1600X and two 8GB sticks of G.Skill Ripjaws rated 3200 CL 14. The XMP was the only adjustment I had made in the BIOS and it was running fine prior, I'm having intermittent crashes in game now. Total system restarts.

  • TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Trondheim, Norway Icrontian

    Cliff, there are very few occasions where ram works directly out of a XMP at 3200 or more. If you have a USB stick, can you take some screenshots of all memory subsettings in your bios?

  • TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Trondheim, Norway Icrontian
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    Here is a comparison i made between 3466 cl14 and 3200 cl12 in the latest bios. cl12 @ 3200 was a lot faster with the previous bios.

    I just wish i had a better cpu with a better EC. This cpu refuses to do 3600 :(
    @Thrax , got any binned cpu's around? :beer:

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