Icrontic's triumphant return to Mythic Raiding - 2017

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Hey Icrontic!

The guild is in a weird spot right now: We got good. That sounds good in most situations but the problem is that people have gotten bored. We're at a point where we've got current heroic content on farm already and a new raid is maybe two months out.

In some ways, this is the strongest the guild has ever been; in terms of player skill and commitment, we've got a truly solid raid core of skilled players that can push new content, master it quickly, and help others through it as well. This is why we're 10/10 Heroic Nighthold, almost the whole guild Ahead of the Curve, and everyone so geared that there's really not a whole lot of benefit to raiding Nighthold twice a week.

The downside of this is that we've had some drop-off and lack of commitment from formerly dedicated raiders. Some people have announced that they're taking a break until Tomb of Sargeras and others just sort of don't show up to raid night anymore.

We've tossed around the idea of making the jump back to Mythic raiding for a couple of months now, but it's been noncommittal. The last time we were a mythic raiding guild was during Siege of Orgrimmar. Well, the officers have decided to put a stake in the ground and move forward with mythic raiding as it is the next logical progression step for us.

We've got a solid raid core of 13-16 players right now. If we have some people return for mythic, we could theoretically fill out a full 20 roster. If not, we will begin taking pug DPS with the idea of this being a recruiting trial for mythic raiders. There is precedent: Icrontic has happily and successfully pugged raiders in the past who have become valuable additions to our team.

SO, that said:

THURSDAYS will be for full clears of heroic Nighthold. It'll be important to continue bringing our A-game because the goal will be a full single-night clear.

SUNDAYS will be for Progression: Starting on the 7th of May, we'll be at Mythic Emerald Nightmare.

Some of us have already done mythic EMN and I'll be honest: It's not as hard as you might think. This team will plow through it, and then we'll continue on to mythic Trial of Valor. From there, we will be on to Mythic Nighthold!

Because of the commitment needed for successful mythic raiding, we need everyone to renew their commitments to our progression raiding team. This is a good chance to let us know whether or not you're in.

Our current raid roster has 18 people; we need two more to round out a full group. My dream is that people who have stopped playing will come back for this, but I'm also fully ready to put on my recruitment pants and find some new guildies for this. Mythic is also more rigid: Pick a class, pick a role, and you're stuck with it. No changing roles or toons for this one.

If you're not confident about mythic raiding, you have two options: we can whip you into shape; it's probably not as hard as you might think it is... or this is a good time to say "ehhh, I'm not interested" and commit to that choice so that we can replace you on the mythic side. It's also fine to say you want to farm NH but not mythic, however I highly encourage you to try out mythic EMN as I think it will be a confidence and skill booster.

So, this is your chance: RIDE INTO BATTLE WITH YOUR GUILD. ICRONTIC CALL TO ARMS. Mythic Raiding awaits!



PLEASE post here whether or not you're in so we can put you on the official mythic roster. Thanks!



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    You have my hammer & shield.

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    I'll throw flowers at you all day long, daddy.

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    Touch my kitty, daddy.

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    I am in. :smile:

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    I'm in

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    I'm in! :D

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    Current Mythic content starts TONIGHT! Icrontic takes on Mythic Nighthold!

    Here's a quick prep checklist so we're not grab-assing for 30 mins talking about stuff.

    1: Mythic Skorpyron should be relatively simple. Only difference between H and M is an additional healer mechanic (acidic fragments phase causes high raid-wide damage). Tanks will need to be aware that arcane tethers re-attach if you go back to the area where they spawned so you can't go back to your spots; need to rotate and pass the boss back and forth. Acidmaw Scorpion (the big one) now leaves a permanent puddle so we need to make sure they are killed in a good place; we may either stack them in one area or keep them around the outside edge. We will be using hero in the same place: during first vulnerability.

    2: Mythic Chrono is almost the same as heroic: we just have to pay attention to mechanics. Interrupts of Warp Nightwell from the adds are more important, and there will be TWO big adds instead of one at a time. We will need to split the raid to tackle them simultaneously. Tanks will take boss to one of them and the stronger DPS team will go there so that it dies quickly and tanks can get Power Overwhelming interrupted ASAP. The weaker DPS will go to the other add and deal with that. Also, the phases of Passage of Time are different; instead of "normal - slow - fast" it is "normal - fast - slow -fast"

    3: Trilliax: The boss will now activate one of the dead robots around the edges of the room; it is CRITICAL that they are dispelled/purged ASAP so that their mana regeneration is delayed. If they reach full mana, they cast a huge damage ability. Ideally they need to be killed quickly before Trilliax changes personalities; if they are alive when he changes, it gets a big buff and we will probably not be able to handle it. However, if we lack the DPS to kill them outright, as long as dispells/purges are kept up, they will never reach full mana and it should be manageable. It is difficult since they need to be killed during the beam phase, meaning we will have to be hyper-aware of positioning/personal responbilty to handle adds while mentally knowing where the beam will be at all times. The adds must be tanked, ideally brought to the boss for AOE damage. Otherwise, there are more cakes, more pools, and scrubbers are harder to deal with. This will probably be where we end our raid night and I am suggesting that this is the boss you buy a Vantus rune for. We will be working on this boss as progression.

    • PLEASE be on time: 7:30 is group assembly, and by 7:45 we need to be IN the raid and killing trash. 8pm Skorpyron pull
    • Have a Vantus rune for Trilliax (though don't consume it until we get to him)
    • Have all food/flasks/potions ready
    • Everybody will be expected to pre-pot and use a potion during each fight.
    • Please make sure all your gear is gemmed/enchanted
    • Let's kick some mythic ass
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    We are now a mythic guild, friends ?. Realm 81 kill of mythic skorpyron!

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