Need a new mouse (gaming)

pigflipperpigflipper The Forgotten Coast Icrontian

Per the title of the thread, I need a new mouse. The last of a 6-pack of Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 that my dad and I bought years ago is finally starting to die. I love this mouse, I have only used various versions of this mouse since the day it was released. My problem is that they haven't been made in years and even a used one costs a metric fuckton, a new one costs a mega fuckton. The button placement is pretty much spot on and the way the wheel clicks, well, I know by feel how far I need to scroll to reach a weapon in my inventory. The weight is also perfect; not too heavy to move too easily and make for sloppy aim, but not so light that I move it too far when in a hurry.

This is for my main rig aka my gaming rig. I need something that will stand up to serious gaming sessions but also not cost me an arm and a leg. I love the way this mouse feels and how it fits my hand. I need a true 5 button mouse. I don't care about fancy "gaming" shit, just the feel and weight. I have tried a bunch of mice over the years from Razor and Logitech (though the old school Logitech 5-button ball (not optical) mouse was pretty nice) but never really had the same ease of movement and fit to my hand.



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