Tomb of Sargeras raid plan + summer raiding

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Hello Icrontic!

We are now a top 50 guild on Kel'thuzad thanks to our stunning mythic raid progress and rapid ability to learn and master fights. Congratulations!

Here are a couple of quick things before this month gets hectic:


We have a mere four raid nights left before the Tomb opens. Since we are making mythic progress, it would be silly and time-wasting to start fresh. Therefore we will be maintaining the lockout for the rest of this raid and just keep pushing as far as we get. While Cutting Edge would be absolutely astonishing, realistically we will probably get Krosus and maybe another boss down in the short time we have; perhaps Tichondrius or Star Augur. If the mythic group were super serious about doing more than that, we would have to add another hour per raid night or another night entirely. With a group of mostly working adults, this is probably just not gonna happen. So, on Thursday we will be continuing on Krosus.

Being on time is of the utmost importance since we only have four nights left. ON TIME IS 7:30, NOT 8:00 ON THE DOT. 8 is when we PULL. PLEASE be online at 7:30 and ready for summons/group, not "let me finish this world quest" or "let me run to the AH". PLEASE. Do that shit before 7:30. It's really crushing to have 12,15,18 people waiting on one or two.


June is a crazy month: Expo Icrontic is happening and many of the raid core will be here in Detroit hanging out and doing stuff that's not WoW (crazy, I know!). Unfortunately, ToS opens during Expo, and so many of the raid core will be missing this event. @Swift has decided to have a normal ToS night on our regular raid night so that those who aren't partying in Detroit will have something to do.

Speaking of ToS: we are going to take a vote and let pure democracy decide what difficulty we will start on; I will present my case as to why I think it should be heroic and not normal.

We have gotten much, much better as a guild. From a skill and gear standpoint there will be no logical reason to start with normal other than "But I want to see the lore faster". I am a lore fiend as much as any of you, and I totally get that viewpoint, but we will still be getting the lore on heroic and I truly believe we will be clearing it faster than you might think. Clearing it on heroic will have us ready for mythic that much faster, and friends, let me tell you: Cutting Edge: Kil'jaeden is now something that we can realistically think about. We are one of the top 50 guilds on KT, and it's time we start acting more like it. We are all becoming excellent raiders. You know how exciting it is to get "realm 61" and "realm 63" kills now, imagine being Realm 20 or even better. It's attainable by this group, I know it. Heroic will get us there that much faster.

For the completionists among us (and I am definitely one of those); normal is still something we can do on an off-night; @Angaliki, @fatcat, and @Swift have all been successful in getting off-night raids together. Normal is also something you can pug without too much trauma.

My vote is to start on heroic Tomb of Sargeras because I KNOW we are capable of it. The gear will be significant, the progress will feel AMAZING, and it will put us on the path to being one of the top guilds on our server.




  • RahnalH102RahnalH102 the Green Devout, Veteran Monster Hunter, Creature Enthusiast New Mexico Icrontian

    Good job guys and gals!

  • I would still like to continue running off night raids, would just like to know what night works best for the majority of the group :)

  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian

    As lead, you have authority to make it whenever you damn well please and if people want it bad enough they'll prioritize it. :P

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