Need help: Web site will not load

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Long time member but my last post was in 2014. This was always my go to site for computer problems (so my absence is a good thing for me).

I am stumped. will not load on my home computer. To my knowledge, last night was the very first time I tried to open the page and it simply stalled. I have no problem with any other page that I am aware of. I tried turning off my anti-virus and ad blocker, but no help. The page loads fine on my office computer and I have essentially the same systems and extensions on both, Windows 10 Pro. I tried with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, all with no success. I searched the register for a "imagevenue" entry, but found none.

I am able to view images hosted at imagevenue, but the format for the image does not start with "imagevenue."

For example:



Any suggestions?


  • vanagon40vanagon40 Indiana Member
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    I thought I should be able to edit my original post, but I do not see how to do so.

    UPDATE: I was able to access the website using a VPN. Why would that make a difference? This is my home computer and I have not knowingly installed any type of content blocker (other than Adblock Plus and Webroot SecureAnywhere).

  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian

    So, a good general "is it just me or everyone?" place to look is any of a number of sites that check for up status like this

    In your case, this was up.

    You could try a couple things:
    0) never not restart ;)
    1) from CLI, ping from your machine off VPN
    2) if that resolves, you can tracert (assuming windows). It will basically go through a bunch of hops to get to the destination server. If it gets above 30, you can stop it anyways.
    3) if that works, we're at a weird spot where you should be clearing/defaulting network settings and/or browser settings (often related to proxy, or dns)

    I searched the register for a "imagevenue" entry, but found none.

    What are you referring to by "register"? registry of domain names? My preferred web-based tools for internet troubleshooting showed

  • vanagon40vanagon40 Indiana Member
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    Tushon, thanks for the response. It was just me, the site was not dead.

    The next part is way over my head.

    The last is I should have said registry. I ran "regedit" and then "Find..." under "Edit" and entered "imagevenue". I thought I might find a registry entry with a list of blocked sites. I found nothing.

    I still do not know what is blocking me.

  • SonorousSonorous F@H Fanatic US Icrontian

    CLI is the command prompt. You can right click on the windows icon and select "Command Prompt" with administrator. From there you can run the commands Tushon posted.

  • vanagon40vanagon40 Indiana Member

    I followed the instructions and it is still way over my head. I did this on my office computer where I have no problem loading the website. Might as well be written in Greek.

    click the image for a full size view

  • What's the error message in your browser after it fails to load?

  • vanagon40vanagon40 Indiana Member

    @PirateNinja said:
    What's the error message in your browser after it fails to load?

    I'm not sure. Now it is loading fine, with or without the VPN, on all the browsers.

    Maybe I'm not smart enough to own a computer? image

  • AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruven Wut? Meechigan Icrontian

    Sounds like you had a stale DNS entry cached somewhere that finally timed out and got refreshed.

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