Which low end used video card to buy?

So I purchased a used i5 Dell pc for my sons to use as a budget gaming pc. I need to upgrade the video card but I'm finding prices for used video cards are currently inflated due to miners buying up a lot of the mid range cards. I was hoping to spend 50 to 70 on ebay and pick a mid level card from 2 years ago but I'm just not seeing anything that's a good value. Are there any cards anyone could recommend?


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    What type of games are they wanting to play, that'll help figure out which card you'd want to go for

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  • Make sure you get something that does not require more than 80 watts or so at load unless you feel like investing in a replacement for the OEM power supply. Many RX 460 cards can be found new for around $100, I guess all the knuckleheads that invested in currency mining do not see value in it. Those will often have a six pin connector to suppliment but it isn't drawing much more than the slot can deliver on its own. With that you will have something that handles the latest APIs and have a warranty on it.

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    Thanks for the replies. As far as what games they would play, Rocket league, TF2, Createverse, Batman Arkam etc. I have a GTX 960 4gb that will eventually be theirs when I upgrade within the next year or so. Just looking to bridge the gap till then.

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    So operation budget gaming pc is a success. adarryl had GTX 560 ti which he gave me for the price of shipping pretty much. I was expected a dust bunny of an abused card but it looks brand new, with packaging, an every accessory it came with. If he is ever selling any hardware I wouldn't hesitate buying it one bit.

    So all in all my boys have an I5 2400, 250 gb ssd, 1TB HD, 8gb gaming rig that's currently playing Metal gear solid smooth as silk. All and all I have about 250 in it. Yeah... I think dad's going to have to upgrade soon. Honestly their PC runs smoother than mine does. Arggg :)

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