Mixtape Massacre

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My friends and I found an amazing kickstarter game called Mixtape Massacre. After playing a couple times I knew this game was one for Icrontic! I gifted the game to @humerusmeg for her birthday and played it with her @mertesn and some of her local friends. In addition to this, the game is now running a kickstarter for the expansion. After receiving permission from @linc I have backed the expansion of this game and listed the donor as Icrontic. The kickstarter has successfully met its goal for the expansion by 148%. Sometime in November the original game, the expansion and some swag will show up at Icrontic. In the rule booklet the list of donors will be published and Icrontic will be listed as one of them!! In addition some swag items from the kickstarter will be held for Expo 2018 prizes. I can't wait to play this game with all of you!! Look for it at NYE!!!!

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    The game title had me all hype. Then I realized the focus was on the "massacre" and not mixtapes.

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