Anyone using Ting?

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It looks like I could get a single-line plan for a lot less using Ting than I could with any of the major carriers. A safe assumption of my usage says anywhere from $40-50/month for service depending on data usage. Anyone have experience with them? My current phone is compatible with both their GSM and CDMA networks.


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    No Ting, but Reddit loves them.

    Have experience with the $30 prepaid WalMart T-Mobile plan - 100mins (5GB) a month of talk, but you can and likely will augment that with VOIP over data if it's important to you. Worth it to stay on T-Mo's network if need be and still the cheapest show in town.

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    @mertesn, I have been using Ting with a Nexus 5X for almost a year. I am on the Sprint network. You can choose that or the GSM (I think it's T-Mobile) network. Pick what works best in your area. I rarely use data and I keep an eye on my talk minutes. My bill is usually about $23. While it works well for me, I don't think they have any data coverage under roaming. You want to look at all of their coverage. But, it doesn't cost anything to try it and cancel any time. I can give you a referral for $25 credit.

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    Service is kind of spotty where I use it. Switched to Verizon.

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