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elyxandraelyxandra St. Catharines, Ontario Icrontian

Back in September I started dating a programmer, and we realized that we had very compatible skills. We spent a few months talking about how we should make an app, but didn't get around to actually doing anything until April.

Last night, we listed out first app in the Android play store! Fore Score is a mini putt (mini golf for all the Americans reading this) score card that also works for golf. Our goal was to design a clean and simple interface that would allow users to keep track of games, compare scores with par, and share their completed score cards.

I really enjoyed the app design process, and wanted to share this milestone with the community.
If anyone here decides to give it a try, I would welcome feedback and suggestions that I can apply to this and future projects.



  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian

    Congrats! That is super cool and I promise you I will use this next time I play putt-putt :D

  • I like it, super simple, formats nice on my phone. I played a mock game on it. I gave you your first positive review. If I did that, I'd make a simple printable flyer I could email. Something to the effect of hey, why not try the Fore Score app for free today! Email it to as many mini put places as you can, say hey, post this next to your scorecards, maybe you save some pocket change on score cards and pencils. Maybe some places put the flyer up by the regular paper scorecards, and BAM, you make me marketing executive.

  • elyxandraelyxandra St. Catharines, Ontario Icrontian

    @Cliff_Forster Thank you for taking the time to leave a review - that was really kind of you :)
    You'll be the first to know if we ever have budget for a marketing exec!

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