Good news Bad news and the Marrage of a Creeper

Creeperbane2Creeperbane2 Victorian ScoundrelIndianapolis, IN
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So, I did a thing, namely got engaged to my Gf of 2 years Katie Hamilton, no date on a wedding or ring pics (mostly because we neither have the money nor really believe in the archaic gifting of shiny rocks as a sign of affection). However this comes on the wings of good and bad news. You see her father has been outright abusing her for her entire life and she has been trying to get free, usually to no avail as he is well, rich and a chronic narcissistic sociopath. The good news is on the eve of my proposal she got free, the bad news is he took everything she had in retribution, we now only have what we could grab (which is thankfully all the essentials). She is living with me right now however she doesn't have a car anymore which has in turn cost her her job. We have created a Go Fund Me to try and get her back on her feet, I hate to mix good news and bad, but such is life.

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