SpaceX - Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

ZanthianZanthian Mitey Worrier Icrontian



  • d3k0yd3k0y Loveland, OH Icrontian

    "It's gonna go pretty high"

  • NiGHTSNiGHTS San Diego Icrontian
    edited December 2017

    edit: imma just leave it like that, feel like it should be as simple as discord's paste is since they both use markup, no?

  • aspieRommelaspieRommel Icrontic politico Indianapolis, IN Icrontian

    So, let’s get our resident rocket scientist @drasnor to answer this because I’m intrigued and interested:

    How was the rocket able to “glowworm” like that? What conditions were just right for it to happen?

  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL Icrontian

    Science, bitches!

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