Fire Pro Wrestling World

I have a new obsession. I can't wait for online play (not enabled yet). If you like fighting games you should try this. If you like wrestling you should try this. If you like both you definitely need this in your life. Fire Pro is an old Japanese franchise that in the mid 90's and early 2000's was considered the gem of wrestling games and because Merica and WWF cartoon clown based wrasslin at the time we couldn't have nice things, now we can. The game has a fantastic engine for creating custom characters. Thousands have already found their way into the Steam Workshop. If you have been hunting the Steam Sale unsure of what to try, take a small risk on this one. It's timing based system is a challenge to master. It isn't a button masher, it's more of a strategic fighting game with a ton of depth and I'm quickly obsessed with it.


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