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So my formal work situation is in the shitter, and I have been trying to find other was to make some dough in the mean time. Was looking into freelancing as a writer as I fancy myself decent at it. Tried getting on UpWork but they are sanctimonious assholes, er, I mean they say I do not have enough experience to advertise on their site. Anyone have any advice on how to break into this field?


  • If you want to make money... no. If you want to write, build a portfolio, my recommendation is to find a very specific area of interest, perhaps something local to you. Right now I blog about the Baltimore Orioles. Find a focus area, live inside that bubble. Find someone to network with online, a content creator in your area of interest and offer them a sample of your work. They may bring you on to freelance on their site, but like I said, don't expect payment for your work out of the gate.

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    You need content for people to look at to hire you as a writer. So, start writing. Cliff gave you some good recommendations, though I would offer the slight different of looking at what freelance writers can get paid to do in general if you are unsure of what to write about, e.g. I know people can get paid pretty well to write financial content as a result of who I work for, but know nothing else about it.

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    What do you want to write about?

    I write as a hobby, and have published on Kindle Direct Press.

    One novel is published, my accompanying short story publishes is a day or two, and Book 2 should be published in March or April.

    I'll help you any way I can.


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