Ubisoft Tribute to Metal Gear Solid

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Thanks to @UPSLynx for sharing this video with me.

The final cutscene of Wildlands this shot is taken from and this video have hit me rather hard today, I know I'm not old by anyone's standards but I grew up with the old school stealth games. The first game I ever bought with my own money was Thief 2 (Found it in the discount pile of an old Radio Shack when I was 12) and Metal Gear and Splinter Cell followed right along with that despite all 3 being made and released before I started playing video games.

I remember taking them and installing them on my Grandparents computer when we went to visit for a weekend, only getting to play them for an hour or two but loving every second of it. I'm sitting here remembering all the countless debates my friends and I had in highschool about who was the better operator between Sam and Snake. Of all the games I've played the old dogs of stealth have always been 'mine.'

But now they're all gone, only Sam's left and depending on how the next Splinter Cell goes he could follow suit. It may sound stupid but actually reflecting on it is making me tear up because it feels like an entire chapter of my life closed right along with them.



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    Really, really cool that Ubisoft did this. They've gone back and forth with MGS for years referencing each other in total respect.

    The delivery of that line, "Then it's only me now", is so perfectly said. It's a punch to the gut, because you still want to believe we'll see more Metal Gear Solid, but we all know it's over. It won't happen again (at least not in the way we'd want it, with Hideo Kojima at the helm.).

    BTW I'll buy the crap out of a new Splinter Cell game. If this is a way to test the waters, consider me all in.

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